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STSL Suspension Tester

Suspension tester for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes full load, complyng with international suspension testing specification for statuary technical inspection.

EUSAMA compliant.

To be used in conjunction with the ASSEMBLAD brake tester and side slip tester for complete safety check.

Approved for statuary test. Recomanded for pre-check, diagnostic and repair.

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Data and characteristics are subject to change without prior note. Please ask your Distributor to confirmation.


  • Suspension tester for motor vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes full load.
  • Available as EUSAMA-compliant.
  • Compliant with  EU 2014/45 Directive and relevant international standards.
  • Available as module for complete icar safety check or as dedicated suspension tester for showck absorber check used  under the manegement of Windows-compatible ASSEMBLAD test line software.


Technical data
Automatic wheel weight measuremnet
Max axle load2.5 tonnes
Wheel track
800 2300 mm
Crank-rod precision oscillating mechanism