Gruppo Altea

Our Mission

To supply the automotive aftermarket industry with state-of-the-art 

equipment for our customers to rely upon, in order them to offer 

value-added services that guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

ASSEMBLAD has been pioneering the world of exhaust emission testing since     the very beginning, evolving later on in the design and production of test lines      for technical inspection of motor vehicles of any kind and size.

The “TRIS” concept is what makes the difference:





is what ASSEMBLAD has always been considering the key to success in the automotive aftermarket equipment business.

…..This is Assemblad!!

Our Facilities

ASSEMBLAD is organized in two main facilities, one in Florence and another one in Catania, with the former being dedicated to emission analysers and electronics and the latter to test benches and metal fabrication.  

  • The Catania facility takes also care of software development and corporate business management.  
  • The Florence facility is on its way to acquire larger spaces in order to be equipped also with show and training areas for our business partners.

About Assemblad

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