Gruppo Altea


Stand-alone partial-flow Smoke Meter Module   

With built-in lcd display, printer and keypad. Suitable for testing smoke and opacity emission of Diesel engine-equipped vehicles of any kind.

Available as full version for heavy-duty emission tests or as light version for pre-check, diagnostic and repair.

Powered by ASSEMBLAD OPA-KING ready-for-working temperature-controlled smoke bench.

Suitable for use as test line equipment by means of ASSEMBLAD test line software and for building a stand-alone combi gas/smoke emission tester by adding an ASSEMBLAD gas analyzer module.

Approved for statutory tests. Recommended for heavy-duty use


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Data and characteristics are subject to change without prior note. Please ask your Distributor to confirmation


  • Available as light version or full version including smoke shut-off valve.
  • Capable to run any emission test procedure on Diesel engine-equipped vehicles of any kind.
  • User-selectable operating modes: free acceleration, continuous, loaded, etc.
  • ASSEMBLAD Service software available for remote monitoring.
  • Bulit-in backlit lcd disp0lay, printer and keypad.
  • Automatic zeroing function (typical 15 sec.).
  • Fast warm-up time (typical 5 minutes) at power-on only.
  • Easy and quick maintenance and calibration.



Opacity0 ÷ 9,99 (m-1)
0,01 (m-1)
0 ÷ 9,99 %
0,1 %
Smoke temp.
0 ÷ 100 °C
0,1 °C
Bench temp.
0 ÷ 100 °C
0,1 °C
RPM (*)0 ÷ 9999 rpm
1 rpm/1′
Oil Temp.(*)
0 ÷ 130 °C
0,1 °C

Power and size
Power supply12V DC or 220V AC
Weight2.3 Kg
Dimensions (LxHxP)