Gruppo Altea

F 1201

Motorbike plate brake tester

Plate brake tester for 2-wheelers complyng with international brake tester specifications for statuary technical inspections. Single wheel test.

Available as recessed installation as well as surface mount by means of optional podium.

Clew-mesh surface to meet or exceed international standard for statuary inspections.

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Data and characteristics are subject to change without prior note. Please ask your Distributor to confirmation


  • 1-plater brake tester for 2-wheelers, featuring simultaneous measurement of breake force and dynamic weight.
  • Suitable for recessed and surface installation with optional ramps.
  • Compliant with  EU 2014/45 Directive and relevant international standards.
  • Long-lasting clew-mesh plates.
  • Available as dedicated brake tester as well as module for complete inspection line under the manegement of Windows-compatible ASSEMBLAD test line software.


Technical data
Max axle load1 ton.
Test speed
7 Km/h
4 double weight+brake gauges/plate