Gruppo Altea

Our Strength

Technology, research and innovation: they are peculiar to true 

manufacturers such as ASSEMBLAD; no outsourcing, no sub-contracting,

all proprietary technology and patents. Service comes alongside; we are

aware of know what our customers need. No matter where they are and what 

their business model is, we keep listening to them to supply up-to-date, 

productive and reliable working equipment. 

That's what ASSEMBLAD are committed for: to ensure customers to make 

a businnes out of of the equipment that they buy from us.

Our Concept

ASSEMBLAD and the whole GRUPPO ALTEA have always been keen to stay close to their customers and support them at their very best.

The test line business requires continuous updates and development. Enterprises and professionals in the automotive aftermarket industry need to be ensured on the return of the investment in equipment that they are going to make. Long-lasting, upgradable and expandable equipment and quick, reliable and efficient service. That’s what ASSEMBLAD is up to; our structure and experience allow us to make the “TRIS” operating anywhere in the world.

Tecnoly, Reserch, Innovation and Support to keep up with technological development and the evolving scenario of technical inspection in the world.