Gruppo Altea

Test Line System

Computerized Test Line System for
Periodical Technical Ispection

Capable to manage a complete test line for motor vehicles of any kind either for staturory periodical inspections or for pre-test, diagnostic repair.

SUITE WREV versatile software to run whatever inspection procedure including remote connection with the Trasportation Authority with data encryption.

Configurable to manage any configuration of equipment and to excange data with external systems.

Expandable for future rest equipment and procedures.

Productive multi-task, multi-user software, with remote upgrading, monitor and servicing.

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Windows-compatible test line management     software featuring :

  • SUITE WREV Multi-task, multi-users software.
  • Test procedure handling, monitoring, displayng, reporting, storing and remotely trasmitting.
  • Automatic acquisition of the image of the vehicle under test.
  • Configurable to the test equipment actualy provided in the line.
  • Expandable for the future test equipment and procedures.
  • Capable to being remotely connected to the Transportation Authority with data encryption.
  • Remote updating, monitoring and servicing.

System console :

  • Capable to accommodate the system pc and all related accessories to manage all the equipment composing the test line.
  • Usb, Bluetooth, Ethernet, RS 232 and wireless interfaces available to connect any test equipment.
  • Made of sturdy powder-coated steel with front and rear doors.
  • Spray proof.
  • Equipment with drowers and boxes for system accessories like display, keyboard, A4 printer.
  • Optional side shelves for emission testers.
  • Mounted on wheels and casters for easy moving.