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Gas analysis cell

The new cell of gas analysis InfraQueen currently represents an evolution of that one in use in all the range of analyzers INFRAGAS.  Thanks to a multiple sensor NDIR equipped with optical filters, that isolate the wavelength of CO, CO2 and HC is possible to measure selectively three gases of interest.  Using an emitter and a last generation infrared sensor it’s possible a remarkable increment of the performances in terms of precision of measure, such to satisfy requirement of the cells of analysis from norms OIML R99-2008 - Class 00.

            The remarkable reduction of the dimensions and the weight renders transportable and manageable the cell easy.


The InfraQueen cell can be used in order to realize a stand-alone analyzer to use in systems of analysis and diagnosis of exhaust gas for vehicles and motorcycle, to perform the analyzer, the cell can be connected to an other board or PC and integrated with the following components: 

Ø  Display

Ø  Kayboard

Ø  Printer

Ø  Power source


The InfraQueen cell connected to a PC and equipped with the pneumatic components constitutes a complete gas analyzer.

The cell is constituted from the following fundamental components: 

Ø  The analysis bench.

Ø  The IR emitter board.

Ø  The IR receiver board.

Ø  The control electronics on the cell board. 

Ø  The pressure and temperature sensors.


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