Gruppo Altea


Smoke analysis cell

The partial flow smoke-meter OPA-105 already in the base version represents smallest and dynamic apparatus for smoke analysis of diesel vehicles planned till now.  It’s been possible to obviate to the problem of the length and width of the probe through the strong reduction of the dimensions of the apparatus and using communication systems of recent development (Bluetooth). 

These characteristics make the PUMA the only smoke-meter that it’s possible to put near the drainage in every situation. 

The high precision of the measures is possible thanks to a particularly sensitive detector, equipped with optical filter and amplifier, that it finds every small variation of the luminous intensity of the bundle that crosses the measure bench.


OpaKing connected to a PC constitute a complete System of Analysis and Diagnosis for smoke of the diesel motors, with which it is possible to judge the efficiency of the combustion of the vehicle in examination and its consequent pollution degree.  PUMA if completed with the following parts can be used like smoke-meter stand-alone:

Ø  Display

Ø  Keyboard

Ø  Printer

Ø  Power source


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